Images and Signals Processing

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About me
Hello! Are you looking for a tutor that helps you with your thesis or are you a company looking for project collaborations? If the answer is positive, I would love to guide you through your learning process and be part of unique application projects. My name is David Castro Piñol and I graduated from Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering. I have teaching and research experience in Digital Signal and Image Processing fields which have been my areas of expertise for more than 6 years. I have experience with MATLAB and Python programming along with practical Machine Learning associated applications. In addition, I carry out research activities, such as article review, paper writing, and experiment development. My passion has always been to find out how to apply this knowledge such that I can help people in need. If you are looking forward to knowing more in-depth you can download my CV. Do not hesitate to text me anytime on WhatsApp, Telegram and send me an email of your project inquiries.

Tutoring thesis project

Most of the students struggle with their thesis projects. This is an issue completely understandable due to the high amount of integrated activities like researching, programming, writing, and oral presentation. I like to help those students struggling with this harsh time. In that way, I can give a hand related to decision making and thesis aspects in general. I will guide you through the entire process, with tips and tricks, I encourage you to enjoy and fully take advantage of this academic experience. Some excellent theses project has been supervised by me, take a look at some previous experience on my CV.

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Matlab Programming

When it comes to signal and image processing, Matlab software has its own strengths and enormous advantages in the learning process and application development. The variety of toolboxes and visual examples allow comprehending knowledge faster than before. Students, individuals, and companies are encouraged to make contact and state their tasks in this programming language regarding signal and image processing. You can take a look at some of my public Github projects. Collaborations are always welcome.

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Educational videos

This interesting service was designed for you. When it comes to explain in depth concepts, codes, new examples and explanations you can always ask about this option. This is the prefer option for students who are starting to learn and desire to look closer how some code runs according to the theory. In addition, it is very interactive and enrich the learning experience. Some examples videos can be seen in my YouTube channel.

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Python Programming

Along with Matlab programming, Python programming strength is increasing every day in its huge community and open projects. Owing to its intrinsic advantages more people that invest in computational science are using Python, especially the Anaconda distribution. Students, individuals, and companies are encouraged to make contact and state their tasks in this programming language regarding signal and image processing. Collaborations are always welcome.

Research Activities

Performing research activities in signals and image processing areas of expertise is another passion I like to undertake. Scientists, researchers, and students are invited to exchange ideas regarding research activities collaborations. These activities cover, but not limited to, state of the art analysis, writing scientific reports, analyzing multiple information sources, check the writing scientific tone, among others. Make contact to discuss in-depth which academic adventure we will carry out.

Coaching for Applications to International Master Degrees

If you want to apply to an international engineering master degree you probably need some help and guidance to increase your chances of being accepted.

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